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Introducing the high-quality 400ml test tube from {}. Made from durable borosilicate glass, these test tubes are perfect for a variety of scientific experiments and procedures. Their large volume allows for ample space to hold and mix multiple substances.

The 400ml test tube is also equipped with a sturdy rim making it easy to pour liquids in and out without fear of spillage. Its flat base ensures stability when being used on a level surface. These test tubes are also great for storage, as their airtight seal protects contents from contaminants.

Whether you are a professional researcher or a student conducting experiments, these 400ml test tubes serve as an essential tool in any scientific laboratory. Trust in the quality of these test tubes to provide accurate and reliable results every time. Purchase your set of 400ml test tubes from {} today and experience the difference.
  • The 400ml Test Tube is an essential tool for any laboratory, research facility or educational institution. Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, this test tube is highly resistant to heat, chemicals and thermal shock. With a capacity of 400ml, it's perfect for a wide range of experiments and tests. The test tube is ideal for use in chemistry experiments, where it can hold large volumes of liquids or gases. It's also suitable for use in biology labs, where it can be used to hold biological specimens or run assays. The cylindrical shape of the test tube makes it easy to handle and store, and its clear glass construction ensures that the contents of the tube can be easily seen. The reinforced rim of the tube helps to prevent breakage or chipping, ensuring that the tube can be used for years to come. This 400ml Test Tube is supplied without a stopper, making it easy to add and remove liquids or gases. It's also easy to clean and sterilize, making it a hygienic choice for laboratory use. Overall, the 400ml Test Tube is a durable and versatile piece of laboratory equipment that is essential for any scientific application. With its large capacity and durable construction, it's sure to be a valuable addition to your lab.
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