Quality Pipette Filter Tips 2ul- 20ul: Trusted Manufacturer

Jiangsu Huida Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a reliable and esteemed manufacturer, supplier, and factory of high-quality pipette filter tips that are designed to fit your 2ul - 20ul pipettes. Our filter tips are used in a wide range of chemical, biological, and medical applications, and no matter the volume, we guarantee the most consistent performance.

Our pipette filter tips offer several benefits. They are autoclavable, and the filters are hydrophobic, preventing the risk of accidental contamination by liquid. Additionally, they are designed to enable precise aspirating and dispensing, ensuring maximum accuracy in your experiments. The tips are manufactured using high-quality raw materials and go through the most rigorous quality control measures to ensure they perform to the highest standards.

We take pride in offering these high-quality filter tips to scientists, researchers, and medical professionals all over the world. Choose Jiangsu Huida Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., and experience the reliability, consistency, and accuracy you need in your lab.
  • Introducing our high-quality pipette filter tips, designed for accurate and precise liquid transfer in volumes ranging from 2ul to 20ul. Made from high-density polyethylene, these tips are perfect for use in molecular biology and other life science applications. Our filter tips are designed with a hydrophobic filter that prevents aerosol contamination, reducing the risk of sample cross-contamination and ensuring that the transfer of liquids between samples is clean and safe. The tips also feature a universal design, making them compatible with most pipettes available in the market. With their easy-to-change design, our pipette filter tips are perfect for use with a variety of liquids, including those that are viscous or contain particulate matter. They allow for easy and efficient sample preparation, minimizing the risk of error and ensuring that your results are reliable and accurate. In addition to their compatibility and ease of use, our pipette filter tips offer excellent value for money, making them ideal for use in laboratories of all sizes. So whether you're working in a large research facility or a small academic laboratory, our filter tips are the perfect solution for your liquid transfer needs. Don't compromise on accuracy, precision, or safety when it comes to your liquid transfer needs. Choose our high-quality pipette filter tips and experience the benefits of reliable and convenient liquid handling today.
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